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Nanoplex® Technology

Advanced nano complexation technology delivers active ingredients through deeper layers of skin without disturbing skin's natural barrier

Experience next frontier in science

Skin's protective role
Skin's protective role
Skin Care

First line defence

Skin is a remarkable organ that is designed to protect us from external harm. Its natural structure acts as a shield against harmful bacteria, pollution, and other environmental toxins.

It is a desired function as it keeps us safe and healthy. However, same protective function can create problems when it comes to skincare.

As we all know, our skin needs nourishment and care to stay healthy and glowing. Unfortunately, many skincare products find it difficult to penetrate the deeper layers of our skin due to its natural barrier function. This makes it challenging to deliver the necessary nutrients and hydration that our skin needs.

Use skin care that preserves skin's natural barrier function

Pitfall of aggressive skin care routine
Pitfall of aggressive skin care routine

Avoid common mistakes

Traditional skincare approaches, such as using higher concentrations of potent active ingredients, can have limitations. While these ingredients may be effective in quickly improving skin health and appearance, they can also be harsh on the skin and cause irritation or sensitivity.

Similarly, the overuse of exfoliating products can damage skin's barrier function and irritate skin. This can lead to inflammation, redness, and even scar in some cases.

Another traditional approach of applying mechanical pressure via rubbing or mechanical applicators can also damage the skin and lead to irritation.

Next generation skin care preserves skin's natural barrier function and delivers actives optimally

Nanoplex® technology

Nanoplex® technology is a revolutionary approach to skincare that is designed to overcome the limitations of traditional skincare approaches.

It uses advanced size-optimized nano-complexes to deliver active molecules deeper into the skin while preserving the skin's natural barrier function.

One of the key benefits of Nanoplex® technology is that it uses skin's naturally occurring substances for complexation with active ingredients, which allows safe passage of the actives through outer skin layers.

Skin's surface is negatively charged, which can create challenges for delivering active ingredients. However, with Nanoplex® technology, a balanced charged formula is optimized according to the skin's physiochemical properties for optimum penetration of actives.

Optimization of the formula according to the skin's physiochemical properties is a key feature of Nanoplex® technology that ensures active ingredients is safely and effectively delivered through the skin's layers.

Take advantage of next generation skin care products and get healthy, radiant skin, while minimizing the risk of irritation or sensitivity.